Air Sealing Technology 

Dailey Electric, Inc. offers industry-leading duct and air sealing technology from Aeroseal, a trusted choice for aerosol-based sealing technology. This technology is used to address the problem of home air ducts leaking way too much air. Our experts use Aeroseal technology to seal holes and leaks in ductwork.

Aeroseal ductwork technology is easy to use and highly effective. When used properly, Aeroseal technology will deliver healthy air and total comfort to your home. You’ll also notice increased energy savings. Aeroseal technology can be used for both residential and commercial duct sealing. When the technology is used properly, you’ll see cracks and holes being sealed in real time. In no time, you’ll see the effects of precise sealing.


Aeroseal Process


You can trust the experts at Dailey Electric to stop leaks in your vents and seal all cracks and holes. We can stop air from escaping. Patching up these holes will benefit your furnace and ductwork by making them work more efficiently and helping to lower your energy usage, which in turn lowers your energy bills.

You can trust our team to effectively seal your vents and ducts using the Aeroseal system. Contact Dailey Electric today to see the difference we can make for your property.