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Improve your home's efficiency

Geothermal energy is a type of renewable energy that encourages conservation of natural resources. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, geothermal exchange systems save homeowners 30–70 percent in heating costs, and 20–50 percent in cooling costs, compared to conventional systems. Geo-exchange systems also save money because they require much less maintenance. In addition to being highly reliable, they are built to last for decades. Geothermal systems are used year round to help maintain your home’s indoor air temperature.


The right system to fit all your needs


Dailey Electric has worked with many different manufacturers to bring you the best products for your home heating and cooling needs.

There are multiple ways that a geothermal system can be installed for your residence. The easiest way, when space allows, is a horizontal loop field. When space is limited, a series of pipes will be installed vertically in the ground, ranging from 400 to 499 feet deep. However, in some cases the system can take advantage of a nearby water source.

If you contact us, we can help you plan and install the right unit to fit your needs.

Let us maintain your system all year long!


Yearly service maintenance would include:

  • Monitor Unit Amp Draw
  • Monitor Line Voltage
  • Change Filters - Washable Filters Available for Purchase
  • Check Temperatures of Air Coil
  • Check Temperature of Water Feed In and Out
  • Check Temperature of Superheater
  • Check Temperature of Compressor Suction and Discharge
  • Monitor and Adjust Operating Pressures
  • Evaluate Duct System
  • Evaluate Refrigerate Lines
  • Monitor Refrigerate Level
  • Service HVAC Equipment


Plus get a 10% discount on labor and parts